EVALUATION IN ACTION! Linking Your Work to Outcomes

March 28, 2013 at 3:00 PM EDT, 2:00 PM CDT, 1:00 PM MDT, 12:00 PM PDT
(90 minutes)
While arts practitioners may never conduct scientific-level evaluations, most do want to understand the links between program activities and outcomes in order to tell powerful stories of impact. Learn some ways that you can connect the dots between arts endeavors and social outcomes through the experiences of Art At Work (AAW), a program in the City of Portland, ME with the ambitious goal of improving municipal government through strategic arts projects with municipal employees, elected officials, and local artists.  Art At Work's evaluation story is grounded in the need to make the case for the value of arts toward improving municipal government at a systemic level, including outcomes related to behavior, attitudes, and policy change. This webinar will help you understand: how to develop an evaluation plan based on indicators of importance to different stakeholders,  how to organize  and make use of multiple sources and types of data; and how to gather key informants' and direct participants' perspectives to help substantiate links between your creative efforts and outcomes. 

Presented by:  M. Christine Dwyer, RMC Research; Marty Pottenger, Art At Work

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