The Cultural Districts/Arts and Entertainment Districts Series

Local Districts have sprung up in nearly every state across the country and are not just confined to urban communities or the traditional centers of arts and culture venues.  They represent a growing trend for communities to capitalize on arts and culture as tools for economic development and revitalization.  Engage in this series to find out ways in which you can learn more about Districts and ways to plan and develop one in your community.

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Understanding Cultural, Arts, and Entertainment Districts (May 1, 2013)
This webinar is an overview of Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Districts and the different types and communities they serve. You will learn about ways in which each of these District types have helped become a tool for economic development and revitalization.

Planning and Creating Successful Cultural, Arts, and Entertainment Districts (October 24, 2013)
Do you have an area in which you want to create a District? What are the planning steps needed to move you forward? During this webinar you will also hear from experts on how they planned and developed successful and thriving Districts.

Presented by: Adele Fleet Bacow, President, Community Partners Consultants

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