The Basics of Local Arts Management Series

Are you new to managing an organization? Or just need a refresher course in the basics.  Join us for this dynamic series on the basics of local arts management.

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The Basics of Local Arts Management: Planning (October 16, 2013)
What's the best planning approach for your organization? How do you know what type of planning you need? During this webinar you will learn about the different types of plans including: Strategic, Financial, Program, Cultural, and Operational and ways to determine which one is right for your organization.

Presented by: Craig Dreeszen, Dreeszen and Associates, Florence, MA

The Basics of Local Arts Management: Board Development (November 6, 2013)
How can you create a more dynamic and effective board in the local arts field? During this webinar you will learn successful techniques to align the priorities of the organization with the community's leadership and talent and how to strengthen board members' role as an executive leader in their organization and community.

The Basics of Local Arts Management: Fundraising (December 4, 2013)
This webinar will discuss current trends in philanthropy and new ideas for developing resources for your organization. Resource development can come in the form of new partnerships, strategic alliances, or utilizing what you are already doing to better leverage revenue dollars. We will explore best practices in partnership, opportunities, and challenges. Fundraising is rapidly changing however there are still some must do steps for any successful fundraising activity. Learn the basics first.

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