The Evolution of Local Arts Grantmaking Series

Are you an organization or agency that makes grants? Then join us for this series that showcases arts funders who are refreshing, modifying or changing grantmaking policies and strategies to support the full cultural ecosystem of their cities, towns and regions. Learn how LAAs are shaping grant programs to stimulate and support arts creation and participation in response to shifting demographics and cultural landscapes.

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The Evolution of Local Arts Grantmaking: Addressing Shifting Demographics - Equity and Access? (January 30, 2013)
Are you thinking about shifting demographics as you plan your grantmaking? Learn about ways to reshape and refocus your grantmaking in this new majority/minority population.

The Evolution of Local Arts Grantmaking: Technology, Systems, and Capturing Data. (February 20, 2013)
There are many new and exciting grantmaking technology innovations to help streamline the grantmaking process as well as data collection. What are the latest and greatest and how to assess these. What's right for your organization? How are you using the data once it is collected?

The Evolution of Local Arts Grantmaking : Leveraging Investments in Creativity – What’s Next? (March 20, 2013)
Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC) was launched in 2003 as a 10-year national initiative to improve support systems for American artists. By design, the program sunsets this year. Hear from current LINC grantees about best practices and innovations in local artists support.

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