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Business and Industry Partnerships
Recorded on April 11, 2013
Business and Industry Partnerships, Winter/Spring Webinar Series
Make Your CTE Month a Success!
Recorded on January 17, 2013
Join Media Relations Manager Ashley Parker to learn more about how to promote CTE Month in your school, district and state. Hear about the changes that have been made to CTE Month 2013 and gather ideas from your peers on CTE Month activities during this event.
Transform Your Teaching With Technology
Recorded on September 13, 2012
Learn about web 2.0 technologies and their uses in the classroom as well as how your career and technical student organization will benefit. Attendees will learn about Wallwisher, Voki, Wiffiti, Wikis, Animoto, Glogster, Diigo, QR codes and other applications and how to add technology to their existing lessons.
Partnering for Global Impact: A Case Study in Success
Recorded on March 28, 2012
Learn lessons on how to build global partnerships from this case study on workforce development, international connectivity with community and technical colleges and industry. In this case study, you will hear how a group of CTE providers worked with business partners and educational organizations to train automotive instructors in Morocco.

Join Dr. Bryan Albrecht, President of Gateway Technical College and Roger Tadajewski, President of BEPG, Inc. and Executive Director of the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) to learn about how this unique certification program came to be and the impact it is having. Learn how administrators, instructors, and leaders from Gateway, Shoreline Community College (WA), Snap-on Incorporated, the ACTE, BEPG and NC3 along with the school in Morocco are working towards common goals.

According to President Albrecht, "This project includes multiple stakeholders with diverse perspectives demonstrating how in the future we need to leverage our partnerships to grow our college. The future of community colleges' growth strategies must align with national and international efforts relating to education and economic issues."
Project Management for CTE: Life Skill, Job Skill, Certification Skill
Recorded on March 27, 2012
Project management is a life skill, a job skill and a certificated career option. Many industries value certifications such as CAPMTM (Certified Associate in Project Management) and PMPTM (Project Management Professional). Project management should be taught with all project-based learning and as part of every CTE program of study. This Webinar shares the latest in the development of PMforCTE, an initiative connected to one of the newest approved CTE courses in the state of Washington. Beginning with a pilot high school class involving Rotary and local businesses and a state level program advisory committee, PMforCTE is responding to current learning needs driven by industry demand and the importance of 21st-century skills. Stakeholders will share their experiences implementing PMforCTE in a pre-engineering classroom, a summer work training program and a Jobs for America's Graduates program.
Advisory Boards That Matter
Recorded on February 28, 2012
For many CTE program administrators and teachers, running advisory boards is simply a matter of compliance to a school or state requirement. Meetings can be routine, mundane and frankly - BORING. Meetings often become events that everyone, teachers and board members, want to get finished as quickly as possible.

But in the right hands and with the right structure and formulation, an advisory board can become the lifeblood of an energized program and a school that is well connected and well supported by its community.

Brett Pawlowski and Hans Meeder, respective experts in business-education partnerships and CTE leadership, are preparing a guide to best practices in advisory boards, based on extensive interviews and review of state and local resources. During this Webinar Brett and Hans will preview the guide, providing an overview of the guide's framework, flavored with tips, hints and real-life applications they have collected.

Don't miss this opportunity to re-engineer or re-invigorate your advisory boards.
‪Federal Education Funding: The Outlook for 2013 and the Threat From Across-the-board Cuts‬
Recorded on February 21, 2012
‪Joel Packer, Executive Director of the Committee for Education Funding, will guide you through the proposals for education in the Fiscal Year 2013 budget released earlier this month by President Obama. What is the outlook for education funding in general? What programs have received funding? What programs have been defunded or discontinued? How will the automatic "sequestration" cuts impact education? What can you do to convince Congress to invest in education?‬

‪This Webinar will take a broad look at education funding in the budget; for a more CTE-specific examination, check out the ACTE Webinar Navigating the President's Budget: What It Means for CTE on Feb. 16 at 3:00 p.m. ET/12:00 p.m. PT.‬
Navigating the President's Budget: What It Means for CTE
Recorded on February 16, 2012
In this interactive Webinar, ACTE staff will review how CTE and workforce development programs are funded in the President's proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2013, reactions from the left and right, and how you as an advocate can easily and quickly impact CTE funding as this situation unfolds. Bring your questions!
CTE=Economic Development: A Five-step Process to Ensure a Strong Return on Investment for Your Program
Recorded on January 31, 2012
Join ACTE for an hour-long Webinar that will guide you through a proven, results-based approach to calculating the return on investment for your CTE program. Robin Parker of Mississippi State shares lessons from her work developing secondary occupational-specific curriculum frameworks and research-based, standards-based curriculum and assessment for CTE educators. Attend this Webinar to get the strategy and tools you need to turn your program into a visible, indispensable profit center for your community.
21st Century Skills in the CTE Classroom
Recorded on January 23, 2012
In this second event in ACTE's educational technology Webinar series, Melanie Wiscount, Microsoft Partners in Learning 2011 U.S. Innovative Education Forum Winner, shares activities and assessments to help you incorporate 21st century skills and technologies into CTE instruction and learning. Join us for this in-depth Webinar!
Lessons in Teaching With Technology
Recorded on December 12, 2011
Melanie Wiscount, Microsoft Partners in Learning 2011 U.S. Innovative Education Forum Winner, shares her award-winning History Video Podcasts and QR Codes project and other lessons in teaching 21st century skills and technologies from her Emerging Technologies course in this fun and informative Webinar. Melanie will address implementation strategies and lessons learned from the Emerging Technologies course and its mobile learning, cyber safety and digital citizenship, collaborative Web 2.0 knowledge building and sharing, and digital storytelling modules, with the History Video Podcasts and QR Codes project as a capstone. If you're teaching with technology, or plan to start, this is the Webinar for you!
Planning and Promoting CTE Month Celebrations
Recorded on December 7, 2011
Gather ideas and share tips about planning 2012 CTE Month events, telling your CTE stories through social networks and traditional media, and involving the community, legislators and businesses in your CTE Month celebrations. In particular, Dutchess BOCES CTE Principal Mitchell Shron will share how his center organized a tour for legislators and leveraged the resulting media coverage, and Lakewood Ranch HS Career Advisor Michelle Todoroff will relate her experiences planning a successful career and college fair.
Ensuring Student Success in the Workplace with Industry Certifications
Recorded on October 26, 2011
Earlier this year, in a speech related to the release of the "Pathways to Prosperity" report, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said "the goal of CTE 2.0 should be that students earn a postsecondary degree or an industry-recognized certification--and land a job that leads to a successful career." Combine that with a report out of Georgetown University that says about 14 million jobs between 2008-2018 will be filled by workers with an associate degree or occupational certificate and you begin to see the value and importance of industry certifications. In this Webinar presented by Cisco, you will receive an overview of certifications, hear from an educational institution on why it values industry certifications, learn how to identify a quality certification and see how one company developed its certification to keep students engaged and prepare them for success in the workplace.
CTE Advocacy in the New School Year
Recorded on October 4, 2011
ACTE staff will walk you through easy and effective ways you can advocate for career and technical education and workforce development this school year, including online and in-person advocacy and developing media relationships.
Infusing Sustainability Concepts into Your Curriculum
Recorded on September 20, 2011
Join this Webinar, in partnership with Siemens Building Technologies, that will share how St. Clair County Community College has put a focus on sustainability and alternative energy. From integrating sustainability concepts into the curriculum to implementing green and sustainable programs, representatives from St. Clair will share their experiences and answer your questions. This one-hour Webinar will discuss topics such as how to get buy in and how to show and report results. You will be able to submit questions and network throughout the event.
Federal Education Funding - New Threats
Recorded on September 8, 2011
Are you concerned about federal funding for education? Are you confused by what to expect from Congress in the fall? Well, you've come to the right place. Joel Packer, the Executive Director of the Committee for Education Funding, will discuss the new Budget Control Act, the deficit reduction "Super Committee," sequestration (across-the-board cuts) and the outlook for Fiscal Year 2012 education appropriations. Learn how this impacts education funding, and get answers to your questions.
CTE and the Federal Budget
Recorded on February 16, 2011
Join ACTE for a Webinar on how CTE fits in the Fiscal Year 2012 budget process. President Obama's budget blueprint, released mid-February, is a proposal that Congress considers as it develops the federal budget and appropriates funds. Hear what the president has proposed and how Congress may react. Specific information on Perkins and workforce development programs will be a focus of the Webinar.
CTE and the New Congress
Recorded on January 20, 2011
Earlier this month, Republicans took control of the House and over 90 freshmen Members of Congress moved into their Capitol Hill offices, each with his and her own agenda for what they want to accomplish in the next two years. What do these changes mean for CTE? Join ACTE staff members as they discuss the atmosphere on the Hill, new priorities of Congressional leaders, and what to expect with regard to the education and workforce development legislative agenda. Bring your questions!
Engaging Girls in STEM Careers
Recorded on January 13, 2011
Join ACTE for this Webinar on engaging young women in STEM careers! This members-only Webinar with the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity's (NAPE's) Mimi Lufkin will include an overview of women in STEM--why it is important and how it plays in with Perkins funding--as well as a case study with Jessica Bullock of Francis Tuttle's GirlTech program, winner of 2009 Programs and Practices That Work: Preparing Students for Nontraditional Careers award.
How Technology Enhances STEM Learning
Recorded on November 4, 2010
Technology can dramatically change and improve learning in all disciplines, especially STEM topics. To be successful, students will need to work collaboratively, understand complex ideas, locate data quickly and be able to problem solve.