Join us for these interactive webinars hosted by industry experts covering hot topics, best practices, and special interests in the tissue banking profession.

What is it?

The AATB Webinar series provides convenient, affordable education for busy professionals. Sitting in your own office, you can gain access to valuable professional development and networking without taking time off from work or paying travel expenses!


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Recordings of the Webinar

AATB offers an on-demand version of each webinar. This gives you online access to recorded presentations anywhere you have an Internet connection. The webinar material will be available via the AATB Education Passport 7 days after the live webinar.

Registrants eligible for the Member rate will have complimentary access for a period of 60 days using a promo code that will be distributed after the webinar.

All other may access the recording via the Education Passport, at the fees listed below

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 Donor Risk Assessment Interview (DRAI) Workshop, Falls Church, VA, January 14-15 – Save the Date!

2014 Quality Donor Suitability Workshop, Kansas City, March 10-13 – Save the Date!


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